ZenWatch 2 & Android Wear 5.1.1

ZenWatch 2 & Android Wear 5.1.1

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ZenWatch 2

Within the last month we have seen Manufacturers showcase their new 8K resolution Panels in smaller and smaller sizes.  That said, I would like to talk about a product with a panel of a far lower resolution than 8K.  To that end, I would like to introduce you to the ZenWatch 2!


The ZenWatch 2 is the latest smartwatch ASUS has brought to market, and it comes in two models:

ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q)

  • Processor:                    Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz
  • Memory:                        512 MB RAM
  • Storage:                         4GB eMMC Flash
  • Operating System:        Android Wear 5.1.1
  • Display:                         AMOLED 1.63", 320x320, 278ppi Touch Display
  • Cover Lens:                    2.5D curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Sensor:                          6-Axis (A+G) w/ Sensor-hub
  • Audio:                           Built-in Microphone
  • Battery:                          400mAh
  • Water Resistance:         IP67
  • Wireless Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.1 & WiFi
  • Dimensions:                  49.6 x 40.7 x 9.4 ~ 10.9 mm (LxWxH)


ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q)

  • Processor:                    Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz
  • Memory:                        512 MB RAM
  • Storage:                         4GB eMMC Flash
  • Operating System:       Android Wear 5.1.1
  • Display:                        AMOLED 1.45",  280x280, 273ppi Touch Display
  • Cover Lens:                   2.5D curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Sensor:                         6-Axis (A+G) w/ Sensor-hub
  • Audio:                          Built-in Microphone
  • Battery:                         300mAh
  • Water Resistance:         IP67
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 & WiFi
  • Dimensions:                  45.2 x 37.2 x 10.4 ~ 11.8 mm (LxWxH)

As you can see both models contain almost identical specs with the exception of the size, screen, and battery capacities.  ASUS states that both models are capable of all day battery life, and that the battery can quick charge to 50% within 36 minutes.  According to ASUS this is a 35% improvement over the first generation ZenWatch.  This improvement in the battery will be further felt thanks to the AMOLED Panel.  AMOLED tech sips electricity compared to previous panel technologies, and may give the added benefit of a lower thermal output overall.  The Snapdragon 400 along with 512MB of RAM is plenty of resources to run any Android Wear apps in case you where wondering!  One App you may be using often, is the Wellness App.  This App works in conjunction with the ZenWatch 2’s Sensor, and corresponding App on you Android Smartphone to track your workout progress/goals.  Onboard Storage may be a little low, but the majority of the Apps you will be using will be companion Apps hence less storage is needed.  


ASUS has created some Apps to be used on, and/or with the ZenWatch 2.  The ZenWatch Messenger is a nice touch.  This little App works right off the ZenWatch 2, and allows for quick communication via short messages, emoji, and drawings.  This is not the first smartwatch to feature such functionality, but I believe this is a staple for present and future smartwatches.  FaceDesigner is a App for your smartphone that allows you to customize the watch face on your ZenWatch 2.  You can choose from 50 already designed watch faces, or you can create your own using a tool within the App.  This adds a bit of your own taste to how the ZenWatch 2 looks and functions.  Also “lets face it”, if a smartwatch does not let you change the how it’s watch face looks then it may not be as appealing to you.  The ZenWatch 2 also has a Smart Assistant which lets you:

  • Manage Email
  • Check Messages and Call Logs
  • Unlock Your Phone
  • Control Camera Remotely
  • Cover To Mute: Mute Calls, Alarms, And Alerts By Covering The Watch Face With Your Hand.
  • Quick Settings: Swiping Down On The Watch Face Will Allow You To Control Commonly Used Settings.
  • Find My Phone: If You Misplace Your Phone, Then You Can Ring It Remotely With The ZenWatch 2.  If You Misplace Your ZenWatch 2, Then You Can Use the ZenWatch Manager On Your Phone To Cause The Watch To Vibrate And Flash.
  • Forget Phone Warning:  If You Forget To Bring Your Phone With You, Then The ZenWatch 2 Will Vibrate To Remind You!

Other Apps on your Phone can also be quick accessed on the ZenWatch 2 such as Facebook and Ok Google.  You can also get GPS directions right from the ZenWtach 2 face.


As with the Zenfone 2, and the newly released Zenfone 2E  ASUS is attempting to grab hold of the low to mid range market.  The ZenWatch 2  starts at $129 US, and it comes in RoseGold, Gunmetal, and Silver.  The watch straps can be easily changed, and there are several options available depending on the model. The asking price, specs, and the added bonus of the ZenWatch 2 being compatible with iOS devices make it quite the tempting accessory!  For these reasons I would have to say that the ZenWatch 2 should be on your Holiday Shopping List!


Are You Looking For A Smartwatch?  Does The ZenWatch 2 Make Your Short List?  Let Us Know In The Comments Down Below!


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