Windows 10 Is Here, Now Give Me That Boost In GPU Performance You Promised, Microsoft!

Windows 10 has come out, and those who have been prompted have either installed the update, or are on the fence as to when to take the plunge!  Microsoft has been running a PR campaign since they first announced the software, in which they stated that there would be benefits to the Gaming Community.  Some of these Features have yet to be released, but what of those that have?

For those of you who had been using Windows 7 as faithfully as I had, you are in for some improvements off the bat.  Windows 10 implements, and improves upon the resource management that all Windows 8 & 8.1 users have enjoyed for some time now.  This improves the allocation of tasks to multi-threaded CPUs such as the intel i7 4770k & 4790k.  This has allowed for a smoother Gaming Experience within games like Battlefield Hardline at 1440p on ultra settings (paired with my GTX 780 SC).  Other improvements will come with the industry adoption of DX12, which will both boost single GPU performance, and allow for the scaling of multiple GPUs without the need for SLI/Crossfire.

Game Streaming between Windows 10 devices is a new feature within this distro.  The first implementation will allow you to stream games from an Xbox One to a PC.  This to me is an OK feature, but as a PC Gamer I have to say that this is not a big selling point to me; although I can see the appeal to some, if they happen to game mostly on their Xbox One this would allow them to keep gaming even when the TV is occupied by someone else.  PC Gamers shouldn’t feel left out though, Microsoft has said that they are working on the flip side of this setup, and PC games will be able to stream to the Xbox One(along with keyboard & mouse support).  This portion of game streaming is quite interesting indeed, as this would allow PC Gamers to play selections from their game libraries that would benefit from a TV’s larger real estate.  

Windows 10 is not all “Double Rainbows”!  There are applications that companies still need to update for them to be compatible with the new OS.  I have personally seen applications within Task Manager spiking to 15% CPU usage each for no good reason.  There are also those who argue that “Microsoft” is being way… too intrusive in their data collection within the OS (this is nothing new if you use Android).  All of these issues will most likely be addressed within the next few months (with the exception of data collection), as patches and application updates reach the consumer.

Windows 10, is it a Gamer’s best friend?  For now, I would have to say sort of, while leaning towards yes!  There are still features that have not been fully enabled yet, and DX12 is still not fully supported in games as of yet.   This does not mean that you shouldn’t install Windows 10 on your Gaming PC, but I would make sure all applications you like to use are compatible first.


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