Unreal Engine 4 Development VR

We are not so far from our future into VR (Virtual Reality).  Developers that are smart will jump onto this technology right away.  Of course, MIT and other greedy institutes will receive this tech beforehand I sure.  DIY for this technology will be available soon for developers.   We will be walking and running into this future full force.   I am personally expecting to hear about people having strokes soon from this reality.  There will be disclaimers everywhere I am sure.  Saying, "If you put this shiz-nit on your head and die that's on you." , LOL.

Now, to the meat and potatoes of why I am writing this article.  Unreal Engine 4 will allow developers to use this technology.  They will be able to development the game inside the game itself.  Watch the video available here to see what they have done Epic games.  the weird thing is that when the guy is representing the editor he moves like he is still in the VR editor with hand movements.  I think he is on that new drug called VR mescalin, j/k.

In this video, you will see an environment being built within the application itself.  They have achieved building VR in VR.  You will be able to use a virtual editor inside the games building process.  The UI for textures, items, and other tools as if you were sitting at your desktop pointing and clicking will be available via headset.  If you guys and gals remember a movie called Gamers, while here go.  This is the start of a world that could turn nastier than it already is.  Imagine solving issues with other countries with a game of mind games to the death.

Remember, in my past article on the Oculus Rift?
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Where Presidents battle against each other instead of sending millions of soldiers out to die.  Game mode set to death!  Wow, sorry I went a little far there but its not so out of the pocket though.  I looked at this in the bad light but with every technology it has its bad and good uses.

This technology will change everything!


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