iPad Air 3 Coming March

Yes, a new iPad Air 3 will be here soon.  A new model for the Air will be a the latest change for around a year.  Just a tad bit of information the Air 2 was released October 2014.  I think that they took this long in order to polish the Air 3 so there is less bug released in this one.  It is smart that they are doing this considering that resent and past updates to iPhone etc... has been released messing up peoples products.

As I always say a rushed product is a failure waiting to happen.

iPad Air 3

What might the iPad Air 3 receive since we are still in the dark about the details?

From what I hear, the iPad Air 3 will probably get an flash for the back-end camera and extra speaker.  The pencil functionality might also become apart of the equitation.  I think they might just release information by March 2016 sometime.  We are in for a treat I think with also the iPhone 5se.  I think that the SE is what they call the second edition.   There will be some major updates in the meantime to be expected.  We will see with Apple they have had some majorly bad updates as of late.  I personally am not an Apple user myself but I do have the products to test myself.

Remember, we do not know if the iPad Air 3 is coming in March for sure.   Apple could still change the time-frame do to all kinds of issues or changes.  We are here to inform you about the latest to come.  iPad Air 3 more than likely will appear on this page http://www.apple.com/ipad/ when it is released.


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Joe Ross
Joe Ross

Why do they call it the “iPad Air”? Does it weigh less?

Jordan Penn
Jordan Penn

That probably is the reason. I think it showed it on a commercial saying that.