Insignia 32" 1080p LED HDTV Review

With the current generation of gaming hardware, I knew that my 720p TV just wasn't cutting it anymore. I've been long overdue for an upgrade, and thought now to be the best time with the current lineup of video game releases. Insignia has always been a great brand for me. Exclusive to Best Buy, they offer very basic and affordable televisions that get the job done. If you're basically just looking for a monitor for your PS4 or Xbox One, Insignia should be your go-to brand.

The image quality is just right. Going from a 720p Insignia to this 1080p, I can definitely notice a difference. There's a lot more detail in textures. Smaller, littler things are now made visible. Grasses and foliage are more detailed, lighting and shadows look much more realistic, and zooming in on objects doesn't make their textures degrade. It's great quality for the price.


The sound quality on the other hand isn't all that. The speakers are in the back of the TV, so the sound comes out sounding very muffled. I would recommend playing your games with a headset or some headphones. Something else that bugged me was the stand for the TV. It's very large and can easily take up a lot of room if you have it on a small desk or table. The 720p model was the same size and had a much smaller stand. It is designed to accommodate a wall mount, however. The monitor itself is very thin and sleek.

I wouldn't recommend this TV for movies or television watching, as the sound quality just isn't there. Use it for gaming with a headset and you will not be disappointed. You can usually get this TV on sale from Best Buy for 180 dollars. Maybe even a little less depending on when you buy. That's one of the most affordable 1080p TVs on the market. Don't expect any fancy features. It should really just be used as a monitor for you gaming console or computer.

Best Buy - Insignia 32" 1080p



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