Google Chromecast  TV Browser

Google Chromecast TV Browser has been making waves on the scene.  The price is low enough for a person to take a chance.  A person putting their browser on a television set is a cool and useful tool.  This dongle is and must just change things for simplicity. Google Chromecast is a 35 dollar HDMI dongle in competition with the Apple AirPlay. 

Google Chromecast TV Browser

Google Chromecast TV Browser

YouTube and other systems are sent to your TV.  Click of a button you can basically send anything to your TV from the Chrome Browser.  A price like this this little device is promising and has a large potential for expansion.

What is the Google Chromecast?

People are saying that the Google Chromecast is like a small Android computer.  This device can attach to the net and play various files.  This little beauty can basically stream anything from the majority of devices from just pressing a button.

YouTube, Netflix and Google's large archive of media files based apps.  This is how it works and it is very simple.  Search for what you want to watch and click button and it takes over.  Once it takes over you can then use it as a remote.  Switching back and forth between platforms at ease.

Of course there is a delay between data transfer on devices.  All videos are obtained and streamed at a maximum 720p.  Bitrate wise you can select a different rate.   The tab casting feature is in beta test as of now.  This is one of those product that we just have to wait and see how it fairs later.  Google Chromecast is definitely a impulse buy.  It is one of those things if you just want something to buy this is what you get extra.  Actually, I wouldn't doubt people use this puppy for a stoking stuffier.

Google Chromecast is beginning to be support by almost everyone in technology land.  So, as usuall Google Chromecast like almost all their products are becoming a must have.  Update also that the Google Chromecast is support 1080p too.  Let us know how do you feel about this device.  Also, let us know would you buy it?


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Nick Wang
Nick Wang

Looks like a handy little impulse purchase. I love having stuff but than again I can afford to impulse buy. Thanks for the tips on this product. Going to get one to test out for myself.

Edwin Roamn
Edwin Roamn

I’m gonna buy it because its affordable, small and lets me stream the apps that a normal smart TV would have.