Ensourced Custom Sleeved Cables

To start things off, Ensourced.net is a website that offers custom made accessories for your power supply and let me be the first to tell you that these accessories are top notch in every way. Ensourced.net offers custom sleeved extensions, custom sleeved cables, wire wraps, and connectors. Ensourced Custom Sleeved Cables


Now for some readers that have no idea what custom sleeved cables are, they are cables that are individually sleeved for one's power supply. They are hand made and make cable management mindbogglingly easier. Now Ensourced offers more than just individually sleeved cables. One can custom design there own set of cables with whatever color and pattern they want in a very easy manner.

Ensourced offers custom sleeved cables for Corsair, EVGA, Silverstone, and Seasonic power supplies. If you have one of these companies modular power supplies, I cannot stress how nice it is to have custom cables. As stated before, they make cable management a whole lot easier as well as giving your system a cleaner and better look. Now if you do not happen to have a modular power supply or the any of the brands stated above then your not out of luck. You can order custom sleeved extensions which allow you to hook up your power supply's original cables to the extensions to give you the same look as custom sleeved cables. 

Another neat touch is that every sleeved cable and extension comes with three wire wraps to keep the cables uniform and clean for free along with being made with Paracord and 16 gauge wire. You even have the option to choose what color you want the wire wraps to be. Each cable can also be a custom length depending on your system ranging from 20 cm to 70 cm. If you need shorter or longer cables than all you have to do is shoot a message on the website or email them and you can give them custom measurements. 

Ensourced Sleeving Color Prototyper


With this Sleeving Color Prototyper that Ensourced offers, one can pick each individual cable and change the color with the dial at the top right to whatever they want. With this, Ensourced can easily make your cables to how you want them just by looking at the design from the Prototyper.

Just to put it in perspective, here's what a system with these cables looks like from the Ensourced Facebook page.

Custom System With Ensourced Sleeved Cables


My Take:

On to the most important part, I purchased a full set of custom sleeved cables at the beginning of the year and I could not be happier with how good they are. Having a mini-ITX build, Ineeded very short cables ranging from mostly 20 to 30 cm. This was not a problem at Ensourced.net since you can pick what measurements you want each cable to be. I also have to say that the website is one of the easiest to navigate and pick and choose what you need. I looked at a variety of different websites that offered sleeved cables, but none of which were as easy to use as Ensourced. Once I placed my order, any questions I had were answered within 24 hours and I received my cables in a week and a half. 

Once I got my cables, I was immediately amazed at how nice they were. I had my cables made with a red and black pattern with black wire wraps. The short cable lengths that I picked were also on the dot and fit perfectly into my case making cable management so easy that I didn't have to do much besides straighten the wire wraps to where I wanted them. I have a Bitfenix Prodigy with custom side panel windows so you can see the whole inside of the case and the cables look gorgeous under LED's. I really can't stress how good Ensourced cables are and having them for over 3 months, I can assure you that they work fine and are high quality. Overall, these cables get my Angry Gamers Certified stamp of approval. 

Ensourced Website Link

Ensourced Facebook Page


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