MasterCase 5 Cometh!  May Modules Rain Upon You!


Struggling to fit that 240mm radiator into that shiny new case?  Love your PSU, but can't stand looking at it any longer than it takes to install it?  Well Brothers and Sisters, Cooler Master may have the answer to our prayers, in the form of the MasterCase 5 & MasterCase Pro 5!

If you have built a PC in the past several years, you may have come across the struggles inherent to installing closed loop CPU coolers.  I for one have had to make due with two hands while installing my Corsair H100i, when it “requires five hands to get it done right”!  Cooler Master gave this some thought it seems, as they have added a removable fan/radiator bracket at the top of the MasterCase 5 (Pro version).  This will allow for easier installation of your liquid cooler (240mm) opposed to fumbling around inside the “cramped quarters” of the case; although if you desire the base model of this case, they still allow for easy installation of a radiator (up to a 280mm) at the front of the case.

Cooler Master has gone with a dual chamber design, which is nothing new in the industry, yet to me it is a must have.  The lower portion of the case is sectioned off for the Power Supply, and to stow away cables out of site.  This area can also be used to house a HDD/SSD Cage if you want to keep the top chamber clear of obstruction.  Within the top chamber, the forward portion of the case is what Cooler Master calls a “clip-and-click components panel”.  This allows for this section of the case to be used for drive cages, water cooling reservoirs, or left bare to improve airflow.  The top chamber has plenty of space for your extra long video cards too.  With the HDD/SSD Cages installed, the case can accommodate up to three dual slot 11.7” long video cards; although if you opt for placing your storage in the lower chamber(or make use of the two SSD mounts above the PSU), then you will be able to squeeze three dual slot 16.22” long video cards.  To cool all of the potential components that can fit into the MasterCase 5, there are mounting points for  3 x 140mm front, 2 x 140mm top, and 1 x 140mm rear fans.

With all the thought and attention to detail that Cooler Master put into the MasterCase 5, you would half expect that this would be the end of its story, but you would be wrong.  The two renditions of the MasterCase 5 are meant to be starter kits.  Cooler Master has made these cases “modular”, and will be bringing out new modules for future upgrades; although, even that is not the end of the story, as Cooler Master will be expecting feedback from its customers to influence the design of new modules.  With the ever changing landscape of PC technology, it would be nice to have the ability to purchase a module that will make your case compatible with the latest PC parts (that may have not been invented yet), instead of having to buy a new case that contains that feature.  This may not be Cooler Master’s first attempt at defining a new category of computer case, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

The MasterCase 5 & MasterCase Pro 5, are being listed for pre-order  for $109.99 & $139.99 respectively (at time of publication).  This puts both cases at a price point in reach of a good portion of the PC building community.  If Cooler Master's MasterCase 5 lives up to the hype, this may be the last case that you will ever need to buy (with the purchase of new modules).  I for one am hoping this will be “The Case”!


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