Apples Beats XL Recalled

Apples Beats XL Recalled

Apples Beats XL Recalled

Apples Beats XL has been recalled.  After Apple purchased the product for 3.2 million this happens. This blue tooth speaker system has a serious hot temper.  This is a major fire hazard waiting to happen.  The battery is the culprit in this case with over heating problems.  Apples Beats says that it is rare a case but I wouldn't take a chance.

How are they resolving this problem with the customer?  Here is how you can get a compensated if you have purchase one.  Here are the color Pills that need to be sent back. The pill colors are black, white, pink, metallic sky, or titanium.

Apples Beats

  • Contact Apple for a 325 dollar store credit or electronic payment.
  • Wait for a postage paid box from them.
  • Ship the speaker/speakers back to a given address at from their site.

This has to suck majorly because they have sold more than 200,000 units US and 10,000 plus Canadian.  Recalls are always a pain in the companies ass because of potential lose of customers on certain products.  Plus, Apple has a history of not hurry up on fixing defective products so this comes to a surprise that they are doing this so fast.  Apples Beats is a great product but they do not want to stain the brand name.  So, they are doing the right thing by fixing this fast and keeping customers happy with the product.

Apples Beats Pill XL, I am sure will recover from this.  I hope they don't blame the company they bought it from.  This is something Apple should of looked at before pushing the product out.

Here is the request form if you are needing a recall for your Beats Pill XL


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Edwin Roamn
Edwin Roamn

wow I didn’t even know about any of this. I just bought one off of eBay too. I was wondering why they didn’t sell it in stores anymore. This is a pretty big shock for me I love the sound quality but never thought it would be a fire hazard.