Apple Watches Hits Stores

Apple Watches, Yes, yes, yes are in retail stores in the next two weeks for all of you apple fans. Apple will be pushing these bad boys out in two weeks globally.  There has been several pre-orders for this watch so on June 26th those already have paid customers will be getting their watches shipped out.

Apple WatchesApple Watches

This is the crazy part of this watch in design.  I will get to the features in a minute. These watches range from $349 sports model which is the basic one.  Check this out, a 18-karat gold edition up to $17,000.   Obviously, they thought of the rich or the idiot that will buy the gold one and can not pay their rent next month.

The watches breakdown on pricing and styles.

  • Lets start off with the Aluminum Sport Edition.  $349 for the 38mm.  The 42mm one will cost about $399.  At least you can run around and think your cool and say you at least have one.
  • Stainless steel collection goes for a whopping $549 and jumps to $1099 based upon the Apple Watch band and size config.
  • Now, motha f'in big dog Gold Edition.  Starts at $10,000 jumps to $17,000 which we can call it the limited edition.  If you buy the big dog here you get a personal assistant for help VIP style and a charging stand, woo hoo.
Apple Watches
Beyonce Has One, Shit You already know. GOLD!

Apple Watches

The quick specs of the watch.

  1. Operating with? iOS 8.2-friendly watch which connects with your iPhone
  2. Cost? $349 (£299, AU$499) to $17,000 (£13,500, AU$24,000)
  3. Date? April 24,2015

Supposedly, this watch sold more than Android Watches in 2014.  This causes a pause in new orders of course.

Lets use you for a testing dummy at a medium to high price.  I been looking around and hearing also that the Apple Watch 2 will be coming out in a year or two.  The thing that blows my mind is.  If the product is so beast-mode why in the hell are you getting VIP treatment assistance.  There should be no issues with the watch period at the gold edition price.  Like I said, you are the testing dummy for the Apple Watch 2 that will come out.  It seems that companies are pushing shit out and using you to QA them and getting paid early like an early access game.

You got to keep up with the Joneses.  This world is all about commerce and this proves it.  They know and have seen you guys beta test things for free and is running with it.  they are only powered by what Intel you give them.  Starts off with Early Access games these days.  Other companies watch and see what works else where then apply it to their plan.  Its what I call, "Guess what came the mail today?" Answer, "Dees Nuts, Gottee".

If you want to buy a Apple Watch to basically help them Beta Test them at an Apple price be my guest.  Visit this link to the their Apple Store to get one before they are all gone


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