Apple Eraser Plus Interchangeable Tips

There has been a patent Apple filed a while ago on this topic.  Apple might just push their next pencil.  Do not get your hopes up to high this is only a patent submitted.   Apple has a history of patenting everything even if it doesn't make it to the product line for the customer.  Ideals come and go with these guys.  Trust me they are ready to make sure no one steals them.  It is a great ideal to do it this way just in chance there is a mole among the mist.

Apple Eraser

We also are hearing that they will, more than likely, implement Touch ID to it also.  Their fingerprint stuff is out of control.  On every dang product, I believe they need to relax with all that.  Last but not least there will be interchangeable tips on top of that.  the thing that caught my ears was they said something about nibs that will open a range of options.  The pad being able to sense bristle brush detection will change it all.   Think about it, being able to paint like it was a canvas board.  I don't see this being fully mastered anytime soon but the ideal is sweet in itself.

So, get ready for the new possible implementations for the pencil soon.  These are some great ideals I think for the stylus.  As I think about it, there is only so much you can do with this pencil technology.  I can't even think of any new ideals that will be worth adding after this.  The next gen for the stylus will probably be the best and final upgrade.  Seriously, I have no clue as to what can be done to it other than finalizing it with the ability to sense paint brush tips.  Anyways, I'm sure they will figure out something else that will go above and behind what I can think up for right now.

I was doing some research on some of the reason to why they might add this eraser to the pencil.  Check this out at the iMore forums, they get really nasty about people complaining about the pencil not having an eraser.


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