Acer Predator Z35 w/ G-SYNC Overview

Acer Predator Z35
Acer Predator Z35


Acer is aggressively attacking the gaming monitor market with new monitors this year and here we have another. The Acer Predator Z35 is an ultra-wide gaming curved monitor that will support Nvidia's G-Sync. This monitor will use the same AMVA panel as the one found in the BenQ XR3501. Just like the XR3501, the Predator Z35 will have a 144 Hz refresh rate. However, that 144 Hz refresh rate comes with a panel that has a resolution of 2560x1080. Now for some of us, myself included, that resolution is a bit too low for my preference on a 35 inch screen. The pixel density just isn't there for regular browsing and gaming. However, to make up for this, the high refresh rate as well as the ultra-wide curved panel allows for a immersive gaming experience that just is not possible with a 24 or 27 inch gaming monitor. This is where I think Acer is targeting this monitor for. For users that want the ultra-wide curved experience, but do not want to sacrifice response time and high refresh rates, the Predator Z35 does just that.

The Acer Predator Z35 will feature Nvidia G-Sync technology, as well as ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur). Another feature that might get users more interested in this monitor is that the panel is overclockable. According to the Acer press release, they stated that this monitor has the capability to be overclocked to 200 Hz. This will be an impressive feet, however take it with a grain of salt. Official reviews have not come out yet and it may not be inferred that all Predator Z35 monitors have the ability to overclock to 200 Hz. That being said, a monitor capable of driving a refresh rate that high is still to be seen on the market. With Asus's reveal of the PG279Q that will have a refresh rate of 165 Hz on an IPS panel, the time is coming where higher refresh rates than 144 Hz are coming. The monitor will also feature DTS® Sound, 9Wx2 speakers and Acer TrueHarmony technology.

Pricing of this monitor will be $1199 US when the monitor releases in North America in December.


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