Ultra-wide Gaming Becoming a Thing? Acer Predator X34

Acer Predator X34
Acer Predator X34

Now one thing I am glad to see coming to the market are all the new ultra-wide curved gaming monitors. I have always had a sweet spot for ultra-wide curved monitors due to their immersive experience. However, I myself never purchased one due to most ultra-wide monitors having a 60hz refresh rate. This is changing though, and the consumer is starting to see some viable options when it comes to ultra-wide curved displays targeting gamers. The first being BenQ with the XR3501. This monitor was the first 144hz ultra-wide curved gaming monitor. Then we have Asus announcing the ROG PG34Q 34" G-Sync monitor and now we have more information about Acer's two ultra-wide curved monitors, which are the X341CK and XR341CKA.

Acer has two versions of the Predator X34, but both monitors will be a 34" monitor with a curved display (21:9 Aspect Ratio). Both monitors will have a 3440 x 1440 resolution. The panel is based off a LG AH-IPS panel so all the content creators out there should consider this monitor to do both content creation and gaming due to the IPS panel. Response time has not been given out, but given that these monitors use an IPS panel, one can expect the response time to be around 4-6ms. Also, one of the models will feature G-Sync, while the other will feature AMD's Freesync. The panel will be released as a 75hz panel, but can also support refresh rates up to 100hz. However, at this time it is unclear whether or not only the G-Sync version will work with 100hz while Freesync may not.

Production for these monitors began in Q2 of 2015 and the release of these monitors is slated for around October. However, that can be subject to change. Pricing for these monitors are also unknown, but expect a heavy price tag considering their are no ultra-wide curved gaming monitors with high refresh rates (except the BenQ XR3501) on the market. Also expect the G-Sync version to be more expensive than the Freesync one due to the G-Sync module.


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