About TechDolce

About TechDolce

How did TechDolce get started?

TechDolce is a diverse group of tech nerds that uphold technology to its highest regards.  We only involve nerdy geniuses that prove themselves to join in our business end.  Technology lovers as well as gamers unite to bring you our thoughts and ideals to TechDolce.

Who decided to make this happen?

There will be a list of Authors and Creators with photo on sidebar that participate.

How user-friendly is TechDolce?

TechDolce is a responsive site and setup for desktops and mobile devices.  Other than that, this site is majorly user-friendly on all platforms.

What does this site has to offer?

This site has several cool features from user's cover background to full community tools.  You can enjoy a simple forum where everyone talks about the latest and greatest in technology.  Create group and upload media so all of your friends can mingle

How Does Our Authoring Works?

Our Authoring is not a set employee base system.  We are writers that love to write about technology.  There is only one true Author for TechDolce by the name of BlackLink that is full-time.

Authors may come and go but we will constantly deliver great material.

Why we do Authoring this way?

This site is a great place to start if you are truly needing a place to show off your writing.  You must be approved and trusted first to even get an opportunity to write with us.   If you think you are good and / or can do better please use our contact form to see what you can do to become an Author.